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Drone aerial photo of lighthouse  Ken Kitson  Altered Perspectives


We work with clients to help them realise their vision from unique perspectives.

You stand out from the competition when you're seen as unique.

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Utilising a variety of drones, 360 cameras and conventional cameras we work with clients to come up with creatively different perspectives to help them communicate their vision. Whether for photography or videography for any type of marketing, real estate, or inspections, we put the right camera in the right place at the right time.


About Us

At Ken Kitson Altered Perspectives we take flying seriously and as such you will only ever have the services of an experienced pilot. Our pilots have an eye for the creative. It's easy to fly a drone around and take some photos or videos. Anyone can do that. Flying a drone for photo and video production however is a combination of technical (the simple flying a drone) and creative (flying a drone to capture the best of a scene). 

Whatever the project, clients can be assured that we won't expect you to come up with all the ideas and photograph/video whatever you say. You are hiring people experienced in all facets of drone photography and videography. This may sound counterintuitive to "service", but our job is to help you communicate a vision. That requires us to contribute our creative expertise in helping to deciding the best way to shoot different scenes. 


My name is Ken Kitson

Hi. I'm Ken Kitson and I run Aerial Perspectives. My belief is that you don't want people who simply follow your ideas, but people who come up with the creative ideas and solutions you didn't think of. You want people who use their expertise and creativity to make your ideas better, more effective and more bang for your buck.

I'd be honoured if, before deciding on a partner for your next project, you have a conversation with us before making a decision.

Ken Kitson

What Makes us Different

We don’t just fly drones and take photos and videos. We focus on your desired outcomes. We use proven photographic and cinemagraphic techniques and principles to give you the best interpretations of the shots you think you want. We then add our own creative flair to help you tell the story you want to convey. Think of photography and videography as visual storytelling. Whatever the end purpose of your photos and videos, you want them to enhance the story, not just be any old photo or video of a subject. 


If you were after inspection services, you’d want to work with people who take the time to understand your desired outcomes and then be consultative regarding the best way to achieve the best results for you.


Most people see drones as being used for aerial shoots. We don’t. That may sound strange. We see drones as simply a very stable and flexible platform for enabling a camera to be put just about anywhere, anytime, sometimes in places it would be impossible to get a conventional camera or people. Flying high taking in scenery; flying 1m of the ground doing a tracking shot; hovering into spaces a person couldn’t get to; the options would surprise you and are limitless. They are an extremely cost-effective solution facilitating the full array of cinematic shot styles requiring less people and far less equipment than conventional cameras and techniques require. 


We don’t just fly drones. We are your creative results focused partner.

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