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Keynote Speaking

Add Life-Changing Information and Entertainment to Your Conference

Ken is driven to provide the maximum value possible to every audience.


Ken has been speaking professionally for over fifteen years and has been formally trained by some of the best speaking coaches and mentors in the world. It isn't enough to only deliver information to an audience. Ken not only educates. He inspires and entertains, persuading audiences to be open to new ideas. He is the consummate professional who leaves nothing to chance and through consultation, every presentation is tailored in some way for maximum applicability and value to a specific audience.


Real-world, genuine, and totally relatable. Ken blends stories, situations, and issues everyone can connect to with proven psychological principles to provide understanding and solutions for day to day challenges. All this without resorting to psychobabble, so audiences leave with infromation that's immediately applicable and actionable in their life.


While Ken's obvious focus is on assisting men, he has found it equally important to provide information to women to help them better understand their partner and other men in their life. Therefore, all topics have options for male, female or mixed audiences. So whether it's for men to better understand themselves, or women to understand what's going on with the man in their life, Ken has a presentation that delivers value.

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