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At Ken Kitson International we provide a range of trainings to cater to both individual and organisational clients.  Our presentations can be tailored to both male or female audiences, as well as mixed, to ensure maximum 

In addition to providing training and coaching for men, we also pride ourselves on being an information resource for women, those who are in a quandary as to how best to understand and help their partner. After all, men won't tell you.


Since a man's issues impact on their partner as well, for our public seminars and workshop retreats we strongly urge partners/spouses to accompany their man. For the good of the man, partner and relationship we find it imperative couples take the journey together

Keynote Presentations


Public Seminar

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The journey of a
Third Age Man

The Complete System Ready for you to Take Action

Just what does it take to move from where you are to where you want to be? Unfortunately that's the wrong question to ask, first off. Where do you want to be? That's the single most important question. "It's said that a problem well defined is half solved". Similar can be said for any journey of life. Unless you can clearly and accurately articulate your end goal, where you want to be, what you want to achieve, there is little chance of making it.

We hear so many people say "I want to be happy and fulfilled". When we ask "what does that mean to you" they actually aren't sure. It's a vague idea without substance. They may then give one particular thing they think will make them "happy", however life is more complicated than that. Every facet affects every other facet and part of life.

Our public programmes are designed to provide participants with the tools they require to take our system, define what they feel are shortcomings in their life and take action to make the necessary changes.

We hold back nothing and there are no additional "levels" required for a participant to learn our system. Our goal with our public workshops is to get as much information as possible in as many hands as possible.

Due to the life-changing nature of our seminars, we strongly recommend that a man who is attending should bring his partner along with him for a nominal facility fee.

Customised In-House Training

Ideal for groups who need to be more effective

Our In-house training is customised to the needs of the client organisation. Our corporate presentations are designed around the need to improve interpersonal and inter-gender communication.

While we all acknowledge that all people communicate differently we rarely make a conscious effort to adapt for effectiveness.

These presentations and trainings are particuarly applicable to salespeople who need to sell to a diverse range of customers. Salespeople are rarely in a position where they have an unlimited number of prospects constantly filling their funnel, especially in the B2B environment. As every prospect costs money, every salesperson must maximise conversion with every prospect. And that is done through communication. Managers too can increase their leadership skills by pivoting their communication to suit particular team members or be more effective in group presentations.

In the business world, it's not about being right or wrong. It's about being as effective as possible.

Workshop Retreat

Bridge Over River

The Ultimate Way to Put it all Into Practice

Our ultimate training and transformational experience is our Workshop Retreat. Here, participants attend and not only learn our system of reclaiming their life but also actively plan and take action to make the required changes. We guide you through every step in the process leaving nothing to chance.

At the conclusion of the 3 day live-in program, you will leave with a crystal clear plan of the actions you commit to for improving your life and increasing your happiness and fulfillment.  You will have the information, understanding and confidence to make the improvements you deep down want to make.

It doesn't end when you leave after 3 days. We wholeheartedly want you to get value for money by making the changes you need.  Following your attendance, we include 4 coaching sessions to hold you accountable, making sure you are taking the actions you have committed to and that there are no lingering questions. 

Please note, we assume attendees are serious about taking action to make the necessary changes to their life. We encourage partners to accompany their man to assist, support, and most importantly understand what he is going through. We find it often quite eye-opening for partners as they often realise their partner had challenges, but never understood the depth. Also, in every relationship there are compromises. We encourage these to be sorted out in the early stages rather than arising as excuses why a man can't follow through with the program and improve his life.  Once an attendee has invested in the training fee, their partner can attend for a modest facility fee.

If you don't have a partner don't worry. We ensure everyone is made to feel comfortable, doesn't feel they are missing out, and receives maximum value.

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