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Domestic VIolence - Men Can be Victims TOO

The current societal approach to Domestic Violence can I say, annoys me. Men in the role of victim is completely disregarded by the current narrative. This needs to change. I hope you find the comlete article thought provoking.

From time to time I write complete articles. Below is a precis but please click on the link to view the entire article.

Men can be Victims TOO
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Domestic Violence used by women against men is an issue that has received little if any attention, either in the scholarly literature, media, support groups, society, or the “system” in general. At first blush, one would be lead to believe that Domestic Violence is a 100% male on female issue and predominately physically based. This narrative is a complete falsehood that the female Domestic Violence advocates and system try to convince us of.

Let’s look at some fact.

While there have been studies in a number of countries, all ignored by policy makers, in Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics - Recorded Crime - Victims, 2017 found that in 2017, males comprised just under half (43% - 54 victims) of all victims of Family and Domestic Violence-related Murders. That should be sobering enough for anyone to take notice of. Depending on specifically which segment of Domestic Violence you look at, men are victims between 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 cases. This data is easily accessible however doesn’t fit the feminist agenda of the current Domestic Violence world.

In reality Domestic Violence as a total societal issue is a complicated, interconnected and intertwined grey area that encompasses both men and women and is far from simple or “black and white”. Either a man or a woman can be the victim, and either can be the perpetrator. There can even be mutual abuse. These basic facts are lost from the current debate. However, in the end, everyone is a victim when you consider the overall human cost.

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