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At Ken Kitson International we help middle-aged men identify, address, and overcome the many issues, problems, and crises of life that arise, change, and evolve as they get older.


All men should not only look forward to a long life but also remain as functional as they possibly can.  To achieve this they must address all aspects of their physical and mental health. Every single man, regardless of age, deserve to live a long life of reduced stress, satisfaction, happiness, and living to their full potential in every aspect of their life.

Our specific focus is on men of middle-age and beyond. Educating, supporting, and coaching them to take more interest in their own well-being and to take action so they don't become an early statistic.


We help men to work out where they are in life, where they genuinely want to be, and most importantly, how to get there.  Every man deserves to be the best version of himself every day both now and into the future for his own sake and for those who care about him.

No man deserves to think or be told he's just having a mid-life crisis.

When a man starts questioning his direction and purpose in life, wondering how his life has come to "this", and doesn't recognise the person looking back in the mirror, it's time for a change.

"Sometimes feeling lost, confused and frustrated is from not knowing how to get from where you are to where you know you need to be"

Ken Kitson

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Be the best man you can be today, for tomorrow

Our mission is to equip men with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to be more successful and happier in every facet of their life, and to live as long as possible with the highest quality of life.


We have a single passion, and that is to improve the quality of life for a man, help him be the best version of who is today, and in so doing improve society.

Our Promise. Every single man has dignity, pride and ego.  Every single man will be respected and treated like a man.

"A man's integrity is no more tested than when he battles himself"

Ken Kitson

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