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"Sometimes feeling lost, confused and frustrated is from not knowing how to get from where you are to where you need to be"


About Ken

Ken Kitson is a leading Life Strategist, focusing specifically on the changing needs of men as they age. Some call him an Innovationist for his unique view and thoughts on what it means to be a man and the interdependency of all the aspects of a man's life.

Ken is passionate about helping men navigate and thrive both physically and mentally for themselves, their family, and the broader community. He delivers innovative ideas and actionable strategies that address the challenges, trials, and tribulations of men as they progress through life.

In a world where support for men undergoing life challenges is sadly lacking, Ken speaks, coaches, and writes for the improvement in quality of life for all men. His drive and determination come from wanting all men to live with a clear purpose, happiness, and long life. To be able to celebrate their life supported, not stiffled; fulfilled, not frustrated; healthy, not hopeless. 


Ken's single pet hate is to hear any man be told he's "only having another mid-life crisis". A man may be having a lot of things for many differing reasons, to insult and berate him with such a dismissive label serves neither he or his loved ones. No one who is touched by the life of a man can benefit from such a superficial notion of what is going on in a man's life. Men too have dreams, aspirations, and goals. Ken is determined every man should have the chance to explore the best of his personal potential.

Helping Men Be The Best Version Of Themselves:
Every Day!

What we do

We help men deal with and overcome the changing challenges, problems, and issues of life as they age and change both physically, mentally, and their expectations of themselves and the world.


We are specialists at assisting men at times when they think they are having a mid-life crisis, are accused of having one, or find that life has far more questions and problems than they have answers to. Of course, there is no definitive age for times like these, but a man knows when the stresses, strains and frustrations of life drive him to question the world and his place in it.

We provide the tools, strategies, and knowledge to kick start your life, overcome obstacles, and accelerate you towards a fulfilling life. We don't just give you a "bits and pieces" approach, leaving you to fill in the gaps. You receive a complete and comprehensive plan for designing your life and how to live it. Your happiness, well-being, and life satisfaction are what we care about. Our programs are designed for middle-aged men specifically, from the ground up taking into account their specific issues. 

We live and breathe helping men achieve a better quality of life, finding the happiness they weren't allowed to believe they deserve, by overcoming their issues and challenges.  If you'd like to discuss how we can help you change your life for the better click here

Problems, challenges, and issues are not to be avoided.

This is the standard coping mechanism for men.

They are to be confronted, addressed, and overcome.

This is the way of a man.

Ken Kitson


How We Work - Our Methodology

Our methodology is extremely pragmatic, psychology based, and real world. Take it, use it, immediately make an impact on your life and those around you.

 In his First Age, a man is defined by his upbringing. 

 In his Second Age, a man is defined by society 

 Should he reach his Third Age, a man sets himself truly free 

 to live a balanced, satisfying, healthy and happy life. 

In your life, every single part, facet, and area is interconnected to and completely interdependent upon every other part. Maximising you happiness, satisfaction, and success in life as a whole requires balance across the whole of your life. No one area of your life can flourish and be fully explored without consideration for, and work on, every other part of your life. Limitations, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction in one area constrain the potential of your whole life manifesting as stresses, problems, and confusion. Addressing challenges in all area expand your life, removing stressors, overcoming issues and challenges, provides clarity and allows us to live with purpose today.  Our methodology and process are designed to address this interdependence within your life to ensure you are living to your maximum potential today and into the future.  

Methodology 1e copy.png
 Trinity of the 
 Third Age Man 

All aspects of a man's health are vitally important to a man's overall well-being. It is hos health however that provides the foundations on which the rest of life is built.  

While all men would acknowledge the importance of their overall health, a great many ignore the importance and some are even in complete denial that they could or do have any issues. This denial is not unique to an individual, it is the standard coping mechanism for men.

We help men take action to address the things they'd rather ignore. As men age their health needs change and exercise must also adapt for safety and effectiveness. We help ensure they are putting their ego aside and doing it right. 

Our goal should not only be to lead a long life, but to be as fully functioning as possible for the length of that life.

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Fitness

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 4.50.54 pm.png

A man's sense of identity and self are the most significant contributors to what is labeled the "Mid-Life Crisis". The gap between the image a man has of himself and reality create the overarching tension for the label of "Mid-Life Crisis". The greater the difference, the greater the tension, the greater the feelings of dissatisfaction with self. 

It is common for a man's sense of self to be anchored in the past. His denial will not have him accept that the person in the mirror today is him. His ego will not allow him to process he is not capable, virile, or desirable as he once was. 

It can also be as straightforward as not having an answer to the question of "why am I here?" Other than for the purpose of paying bills and surviving. Therefore, we must address the following:

  • How he sees himself & thinks others see him

  • Where he fits in the world.

  • Stresses because he can't live up to the whom he use to be


While the first two facets are inward-focused, we do not live in isolation and the world around us obviously shapes who we are, how we feel, and impacts how we see ourselves.  The presence or absence of satisfaction, stress, happiness, and achievement in external areas of life drive their consequences deep inside. For this reason, men need to take stock of those external factors and address.   


The modern society can sometimes appear to be not a very "man-friendly" place. We ourselves as men must find a way to tick the boxes we require to feel validated as a man, while fitting within modern societal bounds. 

We help men examine three main external areas of their life then take action to address any perceived shortcomings and find solutions.

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Society

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