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The only limiting factor in determining the extent to which drones can enhance your business is your imagination. Let us help you explore your imagination.


Drones allow cameras to be placed on a stable and controllable platform. Sounds simple. That's as complicated as the value proposition gets. Being able to place a camera wherever it needs to be in order to get the best results. That's not just the best "drone" results. The best results, period!


Forget the idea that a drone's place is to fly high in the sky taking aerial shots. Drones can do that... too. Their real power and benefits come from realising that they are simply a camera platform that can be high, low, close or far. They can travel, pan and track. These features mean that a drone can replicate any type of camera shot in a far more cost effective way.

The benefit are:

  • No compromises.

  • Total flexibility

  • No expensive and cumbersome mounting, stabilisation or movement equipment.

  • Reduced labour requirements.

  • Can access locations it is difficult or impossible for a person to get to.

Talk with us about how drone based cameras can enhance your next project and reduce costs.

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Clear Water


The mistake people make when they think about using drones for shooting photos and videos is that they limit themselves to seeing drones as only shooting obviously aerial content. Basically "B" roll material. They never broaden their imagination to see a drone as being a totally flexible camera platform.


There is no need for gimbals, rails, slides and booms. Of course there are some limitations such as when close "talking head" type video, however drones can provide far more creative latitude than is stereotypically seen.


For video, certainly if you have the budget for a fully produced film them spending big on all the required equipment to shoot every type of creative shot is fine. Drones however provide smaller filmmakers on a typical private or corporate job with the ability to have al the Hollywood type shots without needing all the equipment.


For still photography, the sky really is the limit. Drones enable a camera to be placed in just the right spot to get just the shot. Especially in dynamic environments where very quickly the camera can be in the wrong pot for the perfect shot. Not to mention that a drones can be positioned where it would be impossible for a person to stand with a camera.

By unleashing your imagination and utilising the skill, expertise and creativity of a qualified drone pilot, you can transform your production. Ask us how.

Inspection Services

Just like using a drone for standard photos and videos, when applied to all types of construction, industrial and commercial inspections, a drone is to be able to put a camera extremely cost effectively, just about anywhere.

Whether for internal inspections using a drone to access hard to reach places inside structures and building, or for the more common external inspections of buildings and infrastructure, there is no other inspection methodology with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of drones.

Drones are widely used for the external inspection of large infrastructure. Many people are surprised however at the value they can also add to any building management, conducting routine inspections and being able to provide a visual record, or documenting construction site progress for a client. There is no other technology that can as cost effectively perform inspection tasks.


An area where people don't normally think of drones having a place is for performing internal inspections. The same versatility they demonstrate for working outdoors also applies to inside buildings. Drones can access internal parts of buildings normally faster and more cost effectively than a person could. As with outdoor construction sites, drones are also able to document construction progress for a client and WHS purposes.

The possibilities are endless and really only limited by your imagination. Whether it's to save money; more effectively manage a project; value add for a client; or improve WHS risk management; drones can add value. 

Talk with us about exploring your imagination and the possibilities of how using drones can add value to your business.

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